This website celebrates the history of WFLI 1070 AM.

Click to hear the WFLI Downbeat drop

More audio from WFLI

This website is dedicated to the memory of Billy Benns, owner and general manager of WFLI, and to Michael Benns, his recently deceased son.

dad 2

William E. Benns, Jr. (1918-1999)

Ben Cagle – “WFLI was an overnight ratings success positioning itself as a Chattanooga radio contender. For Johnny Eagle and his flock of eager young DJ’s, the rock and roll banner was firmly anchored in WFLI’s rich radio history.  WFLI soared high in Chattanooga’s radio ratings, sailing into a lofty permanent place in the minds of all who witnessed this fast moving phenomena.”

WFLI lobby 2 2013

WFLI lobby, 2013

For more information on this website, please contact bettybenns@yahoo.com


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  1. Vickylane

    Was it a coincidence that rip radio moved in the same building

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