WFTM praise

According to the handwritten note by Harry McWhorter, this script was fished out of the waste paper basket, and apologies were made for its disrespectable condition.  This is the script, as requested by Iralee Benns for her records, transcribed below.

Note by Betty Benns – The fact that this had to be rescued from the trash underscores the ephemeral nature of radio broadcast, and once it had gone out on the air, it was considered finished and had fulfilled its final purpose.


Radio.  Sunday, March 30th 1941

When the Benns family erected and put into operation Station WFTM one year ago, it was a Red Letter day for Fort Myers.  A radio station, once considered a luxury, is today, just as much of a necessity for the welfare, the happiness and the prosperity of our thriving little city, as is a good water system, a first class electric light plant or a live Chamber of Commerce.  It is vitally a part of our daily life and we look to it for most of our entertainment, for a lot of our current news, and a great deal of our every day education.

We congratulate the Benns family upon their successful operation of station WFTM  during the last year, and we wish for them a continued success throughout many years to come.

Speaking of radio from a commercial standpoint, I wish to say this: I used this station three months last summer, (when business is ordinarily dull here), to advertise my business.  I am glad to be able to certify to the fact that it is a profitable medium of advertising your business, if your product or merchandise has merit.  If your product is superior then you have but to tell them so over the radio.  I have tried it and I know what I am talking about.  WFTM is a fine advertising medium because people all over South Florida are enjoying its programs, and most everybody down this way has a radio, either in the home, the car, or their place of business.  Many up to date hotels now have them in their rooms.  In radio too, the whole family can listen in, while if your ad appears in a magazine or newspaper, only one person at a time can see it.

Radio is proving a wonderful source of education and an authentic source of the news and world events.  They are here to stay and the city or community which expects to keep abreast of times and conditions, must have a good radio station.  We are particularly fortunate in having this station, its progressive and wide awake owners, and its capable and efficient staff. They are doing great work and a great community service.

Thank you, and good day.