Michael Benns

Michael Benns. I think this photo is from 1979. It's from Bettye Burchard's scrapbook. by David CarrollMichael Benns and his father, Billy Benns

Micheal Benns passed away Feburary 2014.

Knoxnews.com – “BENNS, MICHAEL JONATHAN – age 63, of Knoxville, passed away of natural causes on February 19, 2014. He was preceded in death by father, William Benns; mother, Barbara Benns; beloved brother, Robert Benns. Survived by wife, Cassie Sterchi Benns; children, Jonathan M. Benns, Olivia M. Benns, Robert Campbell Benns, and Brady Elizabeth Benns; brother, Bill Benns; sister-in-law, Gloria Benns; sisters, Patty Elsisie and Betty Ann Benns. Very special extended family, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and many loving friends. A service will be held at Second Presbyterian Church Chapel on February 25, 2014, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.”

David Carroll – “RIP Michael Benns. I think this photo (above) is from 1979. It’s from Bettye Burchard’s scrapbook.”

Bill Miller  – “Michael was an easy going young man when I knew him. We were about the same age. Some of my friends worked for him in Knoxville and spoke well of their time with him.”

Donald Bryson – “Some of my favorite shifts at fli were spent talking with Michael when he would stop by and visit at night.”
Micheal was one of a kin, a lot of fun and a prankster by Johnny Eagle
Greg Barman -“Sorry to hear [he passed]. My contact with Michael was was at WMYK(FM) in Moyock NC, where I briefly worked before going to WFLI. He was a smart, nice guy. My condolences to the Benns family and friends.”


 Michael and Johnny Eagle
Johnny Eagle – “Michael was one of a kind, a lot of fun and a prankster.”
Michael by Johnny EagleShared by Johnny Eagle
Johnny Eagle – “He will be missed RIP”
Deborah Poteet-Johnson – “Oh, this makes me sad :((( Praying for the family”
Micheal deep sea fishing by Johnny
Johnny Eagle – “Michael deep sea fishing in Fla.”
Johnny, Adam and Michael

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