More audio from WFLI

WFLI Downbeat audio

George R. Kiley “That is from the mid 60’s. I remember it well!”

Sarah Pettitt Price “Just like stepping back in time!”

Jet-Fli Weather Eye audio

Bill Miller ” [This was used in the] Sixties. It was out of use by the time I joined the station in December of 1968. It was used for many, many years.”

Jay Rudko Very strange sound; in fact, sounds like a swarm of flies!”

MarilynFriends Hickey “Absolutely remember it.”

Deborah Poteet-Johnson “Yes, but that “zzzzz” sound really made you want to listen to see what was happening!!”

WFLI Gold Record Time audio

Johnny Eagle Flying 20 Excerpt audio

WFLI 24 hours of musical downbeat audio

WFLI Musical Show with Joe Poteet audio

WFLI no jet audio

WFLI If you’re visiting the greater Chattanooga area audio

WFLI Stolen car report audio

Beverage Barn with Bill Claiborne and Olivia Lawrence audio

Wiley’s Mobile Homes Christmas audio

WFLI Anybody can turn a radio on audio

Stanley Hall on Gooney Golf audio

WFLI Award winning news audio

WFLI Fun Test Hair audio

WFLI If it’s a hit, Jet Fli will let it roll


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