Rock ‘n’ Roll

For many of the youth growing up in Chattanooga in the 1960’s, WFLI was one of the top rated stations.  Precious rock ‘n’ roll memories of hearing the Beatles for the first time or seeing Herman’s Hermits at the WFLI Spectaculars in Memorial Auditorium are forever linked to Jet Fli.  If you have memories or photos of the music of the time, please don’t hesitate to share here.


Jet Fli Spectaculars


From the beginning of Jet-Fli - Johnny Eagle, Tommy Jett, Jackie Stephens and Joe Poteet Photo by Judy Brannon Graham

Johnny Eagle, Tommy Jet, Jet Fli Jackie, and Joe Poteet

WFLI building by Donnie KY Photo by Donnie Kay Brennan

David Carroll – “Pushbutton 1, for 50,000 times more fun!”

Tom Phillips –  “#1 on the dial – #1 in your heart…”

Construction of WFLI, early 1960’s.

early WFLI exterior from Donnie FB Photo by Donnie Kay Brennan

The exterior of the WFLI building, early 1960’s.

Anita Blevins Mitchell –  “When I was a teenager we had some friends that lived in Tiftonia and you could hear WFLI thru the plumbing pipes in their bathroom. This was so cool because it was during the time our parents still thought Rock and Roll was so bad!”

Shaun Davis – “WFLI was the most happening Radio Station in Chattanooga with the greatest Disc Jockeys, the most creative Commercials and the most awesome music on the Planet!”

WFLI Flying Chart by Chris Huff Shared by Chris Huff

Debbie Brackett Blackwell –  “I loved to listen to jet-fli all during high School”

WFLI Golden Hits Album shared by Chris Huff WFLI Golden Hits Album, Shared by Chris Huff

Deborah Allen –  “I loved the 60’s and WFLI….Jett Fly WFLI…and I remember…and now on we go with a musical show…. Love the memories of WFLI and a Transister Radio!!”

Ron Bedford (worded weekends on WFLI) – “I’m 99% sure I still have this LP.”


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