Jet Fli Spectaculars

  • Please help WFLI identify these pictures from the Jet-Fli Spectaculars.  Did you attend and take pictures of your own? Did you get an autograph in your scrapbook? Don’t hesitate to share your pictures and story on Facebook or comment below.
    Spectacular 15
    Jim Kuhns – “I took some of my hard earned cash and sent along with an SASE to 621 O’Grady Drive to get my ticket to see Tommy James & the Shondells. Unfortunately, going to a Spectacular was WAY outside of my parent’s box of acceptability at the time and the ticket was never used. (Sure would love to still have it as a souvenir.) Sadly, by the time I had the privilege to follow in the footsteps of Dale Anthony, Mike Murray, Tommy Jett, Ringo Vann and others on the air at WFLI in the mid-70s, the Spectaculars had gone the way of so many other things from back in that simpler time. But I still have the memory of the day when MY ticket came in the mail.”
    Spectacular 2 Nov 67 jpg#2
    Marie Mitchell McCrary –  “The jet fli spectaculars were amazing. Saw Roy Orbison, Neil diamond, and so many more…all at one time. Tommy Jet was the best’.”
    __Spectacular 3 Nov 67 jpg #3
    Steve Cooper  – “First concert I ever went to was one of the Summer Spectacular. Saw The Blues Magoos, Steppenwolf, The Who and Herman’s Hermits all on the same bill. Herman’s Hermits came on after The Who, which was a little nuts. That could have been about 67, I guess.”
    MarilynFriends Hickey –  “…Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Who, Herman’s Hermits, The Dave Clark 5, sooooo many more…”
    Spectacular 4 jpg#4
    Mary Chapman – LOVE IT! Oh, what times we had in Chatt-Town! Jet Fly Spectaculars! Legendary Tommy Jett!”
    Mike Weaver -Would love to see a list of the Spectaculars of the early 70’s – i.e., bands that played and dates. I attended two I believe in the early 70’s – cannot find a list of them all or dates. Would love to find out when they were. I believe that one had both Guess Who and Paul Revere & the Raiders at it. Another I can’t remember the top acts but remember that the show started out with the Stampeders & Frigid Pink (both one hit wonders of that day). Those two had hits in 70/71 so thinking that one was around 71. I remember the crowd throwing things up on stage @ Frigid Pink……guess they were hard core Animals fans that didn’t like the remake. Anyway – any list of them all at some point would be very cool.
    Spectacular 5 jpg#5
    Lisa Trewhitt Earby –  “Gosh, I haven’t thought of WFLI Jet-FLI in YEARS!! One time I got “in trouble” at home because I called the radio station, and it was long distance (in Chattanooga)! I’m totally aging myself!!
    Anita Blevins Mitchell – “When I was a teenager we had some friends that lived in Tiftonia and you could hear WFLI thru the plumbing pipes in their bathroom. This was so cool because it was during the time our parents still thought Rock and Roll was so bad!”
    Spectacular 6 jpg#6
    Tanya Monday Hollomon –  “I remember these shows! Biggest group I remember seeing was Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.”
    Rhonda Pell-Morris –  “yes,it was great…,my sister & 2 cousins went to many of these. hermans hermits,paul revier,lou christie, and many more. lou christie was one of my favorites. even went to see john cougar….he was great…..MEMORIES!!!!!”
    Betty Wright Varner –  “Good old “old” days :-)”
    Julie Barker  – “I went to several Jet Fli Spectaculars. I remember Frigid Pink, Grass Roots, Paul Revere and the Raiders and the time Canned Heat came to play their song and that was the only song they played that we liked. They were boo’d at. I also remember seeing a black haired Tommy Jett run down the center to the stage. I loved the Jet Fli Spectaculars and the excitement of it.”
    Teresa Duggan –  “I was at these concerts. Loved WFLI.”
    Leslie Ladd –  “That James Brown show rocked my world! My first ever concert and it set me sailing for the rest of my life! I was about 10 and we begged our dad for weeks to let us go. It was fantastic!”
    Gail Hutcheson Nunley – “I went to them all. I even remember the Beach Boys went to Chester Frost Park (then Hamilton Cty Park). Dick Clark’s Caravan came one year and it had Neil Diamond. Great groups, good times.”
    Linda Moore Pascal –  “I remember seeing Bobby Sherman at one of the Jet Fli Spectaculars. Got his autograph!!”
    Tracie Simmons Blevins –  “My first concert was 6th grade. Jet Fli Spectacular . . . Gary Lewis and the Playboys and Paul Revere and the Raiders.”
    Jet Fli spectacular Gene and Debbie
    ——-David Carroll – Remember when you could see the biggest names in music, at Memorial Auditorium, for just $2.50 on one night? It used to happen twice a year. Here’s the inside story (with photos and video) about the WFLI “Jet-FLI Spectaculars!” It’s groovy!

    ———Terry Glenn Peden -“I was 8 years old and my sister was 5. My mamma is the biggest Rock-N-Roller I have ever known. She so loves them all. Her favorites being Elvis, The Beatles, and Jefferson Airplane. She thought it was so “groovy” she says that I liked her band “Jefferson Starship” in my day. She went to most all of the JET FLI Spectaculars with me and my sister from the early 60’s until I was a teen in 75′. She was good friends with Tommy Jett back then and talked to Dex, Dale, and David all the time calling in song requests and playing the games to win Spectacular tickets. I remember my mammas “Flower Power” outfit and Tom Beaudry aka Kelly Green, Lead Singer of Frijid Pink, letting his mike cord out and touch the ground and swinging it round and round on “House of the Rising Sun”. If there was anyone on this planet that could get backstage to meet the bands it is my mamma. I don’t know how many autographs and photographs she has of band members with us. Tons of bands from the 50’s thru the 70’s. This particular time, the moment the last song was sung, out the door and around back she went with me and Tracey in tow. She wanted to meet Michael Parks but he never came out. Just so happened The Guess Who did and we got to meet them. I remember them being very nice and signing and posing and talking with us like we were family. It was a different time in history. One I wish we had today. It is great memories to have, all thanks to my mamma. Thank all of you at the FLI for making life a little more fun! “LONG LIVE ROCK-N-ROLL” as my mamma Joyce Peden always says!”

    —–Tara Scofield – “I still have the program I bought at my first concert. There’s no advertising, and the cover reads Shower of Stars so it’s possible it wasn’t Jet Fli. But oh do I remember going to those shows. My friends and I would get downtown as early as possible to stand in line so we could take off running when the doors opened and get front row seats. We were good at it cause I can’t remember ever sitting in the second row. Those concerts took my love for music and injected it with passion. Those songs, as silly as they might seem now, ignited a fever not only in me but so many of the young people of that time. I know I have some of my ticket stubs, and lists of the artists I saw. I’ll share what I dig up. (OH, someone mentioned seeing Steppenwolf with the Who, Blues Magoos, and Herman’s Hermits. Steppenwolf wasn’t there.)”

    ——Gaitlin Forge – “I went to several Dick Clark shows Still have neck of a guitar Paul Revere and the Raiders gave me after they broke it on stage.We hung out with Gary Lewis and the Playboys and took two of the Hullaballoes to Lake Winnie I also met the Beach Boys and others I met Bobby Vinton when he was just a band leader. They were all very nice to me. Great Memories Loved Jet Fly and the night train also.”

    —–Donald Bryson – “I was an usher at some of those shows. Wow, it was so cool.”

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  1. Van Bunch

    I agree. Where’s the list? Post more show bills! Does the Auditorium have an archivist? C’mon people, now, smile at your brother!

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