Leader the Lion newspaper WFLI mascot, Leader the Lion, early 1960’s

Paulette Hall Theobald – “My Dad is Stanley Hall – I heard he used to let the lion out to “see” visitors at the station.”

Deborah Poteet-Johnson – “Yes, there was the time when Leader supposedly got “loose.” People all over town, including Dad, were looking for her for hours!”Top-005 The WFLI “Light in the Sky”

mini skirt march from fb

The WFLI mini-skirt march

edited 1024

Judy Brannon Graham on the far left and Jet-Fli Jackie on far right.

IMG_1626 Johnny Eagle

The Miss WFLI Contest held at Steve Tansy's Auto Show at Memorial Auditorium

The Miss WFLI contest, 1970-71

jim kuhns WFLI Chattanooga, TN (circa '76-'78) - the Prize WagonJim Kuhns (and winner?) in front of the WFLI Prize Wagon, mid 70’s

ElvisThanks to Jim Kuhns for sharing this.

Dale Anthony WFLI pays you

David Carroll – “1977 photo of Dale Anthony & Allen Dennis”

Bill Poindexter – “It was at the downtowner motel. Merv & Dale threw a big party for record and radio folks. It was huge. I have some pics from the event. Everybody in the biz was there.”

wfli sticker posted by bill owens on fb

Judy Brannon Graham –  “I remember answering the phone with Happy Day…WFLI….”

My design- wfli window decal 1976 posted by Carolyn Roberson

Bumper sticker design and picture by Carolyn Roberson (1976)

Richard Cooper –  “I’ve just remembered the WFLI stickers from back in the 1970’s. Some have Coca-Cola some with 7-Eleven, and others with Majik Market. I even remember the commercials on TV for the station  where the group of clowns hop out of the WFLI majik market van, and another with DJs Tyrone “Get Down “Jackson and “Smoking Sam “. The one with the clowns jumping out of the Majik Market van was produced at WRCB TV back in 1978.”

MAGIC BUS & BALLOON from Jeff Gregory

Jeff Gregory – “I found this letter-sized poster (above) in my file cabinet on Friday. I had been looking for it. I knew I had it, but it had gotten behind some other stuff.  The WFLI “Magic Bus” was a beautiful van. Don’t know whatever happened to it, but the dual PA speakers and mount are still in the garage.”

WFLI Hot Dam Jam posted by Jim KuhnsNewspaper shared by Jim Kuhns, May 28, 1978

Jim Kuhns on the WFLI Hot Dam Jam –  “I was on the air when it was happening and Mike (Machine Gun Greene) was supposed to relieve me. Traffic was so bad though that Mike didn’t get back until the last hour of his shift. The traffic jam on 153 was so epic we actually got a brief mention on the late night national news. It was fun to be a part of it.”

WFLI Magic Marilyn_Funky Ol' Brother promo_Aug.1979

Marilyn – “This is a promo for a movie, “Funky Ol’ Brother” and Magic play boxing..”

Betty Benns – “The picture above totally looks like the lobby of the movie theater at Northgate Mall.  Knock ’em out, Magic!”

WFLI Magic Marilyn 60 feet up_March 1980 BWFLI Magic Marilyn 60 feet up_March 1980

Magic Marilyn – “I’m in a van suspended by a giant crane about 60 feet in the air. I was supposed to stay up there (not overnite!) for three days, giving on-air reports about every half hour, until a certain number of cars were sold by the dealership. But on the second afternoon a snow and ice storm developed and my mom called the station demanding that they get her daughter down from there! Mom got her way of course, thank goodness!

These were only two of the promos Rome Benedict set up. He was always thinking up great ones and promising the clients that Magic would do them…and I did. I also once did one from a Rock City hot air balloon, so much fun and so beautiful!”


Richard Cooper – “I remember the station being famous for it’s billboards everywhere around Chattanooga. One of my favorites was the letters in neon lights. And later in cactus green when the station went country. And riding the Carta bus painted with the WFLI logo with the yellow background. And they added oldies to the country format. With songs by artists like Frankie Valli &the four seasons. The Beatles. And other stars. And in the 1970’s. I  remember seeing the WFLI Majik market van driving around town.”

WFLI Van by Marilyn Majik

Richard Cooper – “In the Bicentennial year of 1976 WFLI had a thing called the Fli Radio Revolution playing the great hit songs from that year. I remember songs like “A Fifth of Beethoven,” theme from S.W.A.T, and “I Write The Songs” along with other songs from the disco era. And during that summer, we were without a TV. So I spent the summer listening to WFLI. And at night, on occasion, I’d go to wherever they would shine the WFLI spotlight”


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