Judy Brannon Graham

Judy and Freddy Weller (gone country)

Judy Brannon Graham (r)

WFLI, April 1970-April 1971

Judy Brannon Graham “….I worked at WFLI from April, 1970 to April, 1971 when I left to get married…I was able to attend 2 Spectaculars, the Mini March, the River Raft Race and many other special events..there was two Spectaculars during my year there….I had attended every one the station had, but was always in the nosebleed section…so it was a dream come true to be backstage at those two…”

The front office staff - Jackie, Ann and Judy

The front office staff – Jet Fli Jackie (l), Ann (m), and Judy Brannon Graham (r)

judy and barry j (jensen) 1970

Judy and Barry Jay (1970)


I crowned the winner Miss WFLI.

Judy crowning Miss WFLI.



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