Barry J

Barry J at WFLI, 1967 -1974

Barry J

Barry J (Jensen) photo taken 1970

David Carroll –  “As I recall, I think E Alvin renamed him “Brother Hood.” Why, I have no idea.”

Jim Copeland  -“David, it’s been a lot of years but, I honestly don’t remember that at all and he used to follow The Rodney Ripoff Show, which I ran the board for!”

David Carroll  – “I didn’t get to hear him much, because he was on at night, and I was too far away. But he was at FLI a long time…I’m thinking from about 1967 to 1974.”

Jim Copeland –  “I’d sure like to meet him…and thank him for leaving WFLI…’cause I got his gig when he left!!”

judy and barry j (jensen) 1970

Barry J with Judy Brannon Graham

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