Ben Cagle

JC 007

Ben Cagle

WFLI Engineer 1968-1969

Ben Cagle “I was an engineer at WFLI around 68 & 69, hired by Joe Poteet. Then I later worked at WTTI (a 10,000 watt rocker) in Dalton Ga. later. I did mid days at WDOD in Chattanooga, then went back to TV at WDEF-TV in 1974 as production manager and later General Sales manager. I was named Vice President & General Manager of WDEF Radio in 1981. In 1986 I left WDEF Radio to purchase  radio stations  (WJSO-AM-FM) in Johnson City, TN, and in 1992, with a business partner, purchased two more radio stations in Jefferson City, TN. All four radio stations were very successful and were all sold in 1996. In 1997 I opened up a small advertising agency in Chattanooga.”

Ben Cagle TommyJett (l), Ben Cagle (m), and Ron Arnold (Ron Daily) (r), 1968 or 1969

Ben Cagle in the main control room at WTTI Radio, probably 1972

Ben Cagle Prod


3 responses to “Ben Cagle

  1. Brenda "Altman" Pepper

    Hi Ben. This is Brenda Pepper who was Brenda Altman. My husband and I have moved backed to Chattanooga. Would like to meet you for a drink.

  2. Phil

    Where was the bottom photo taken?

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