Bill Miller

Bill Miller WFLI taken from google search

Bill Miller – “I came to Jet Fli as an 18 year old weekend DJ in December, 1968. I took over the countdown show from Jim Stevens – “The Fli-ing 20 Countdown” (I think that’s what it was called) – on Sunday afternoons.

Mike Murray left for San Jose around September of 1969 and I became the afternoon drive guy for a few months.

I came back from WIFE Radio in Indianapolis and became the P.D. in 1971, but left …the next year for summer swing at WGIV in Charlotte and then WKY in Oklahoma City. I came back from OKC on a mission to get a college education. Waiting for my first term at UTK, I did fill-in for a few weeks when E. Alvin Davis was PD around 1974 or 1975.

I remember when Betty Benns was born!

Here are the names of most of the on-air people I worked with: Johnny Eagle, Tommy Jett, Ringo Vann, Nic Smith (Nic-a-lo, Nic-a-lo, The Lookout Mountaineer), Dale Anthony, Mike Murray, Barry Jay (Barry Jensen), Jimmy Byrd, Billy Poindexter (now known as Dex at US101), Rich Shaw (Rick Sharpe), Mike King, Michael Henry Martin, Tyrone “Get Down” Ferguson, E. Alvin Davis, Pat Batto, Bud Bell, Young Stanley Hall (aka Sinful Stan The Music Man), Stan Taylor (Stan T), and Chuck “Boo Boo” Baron.”

Sharon Kerr Parker  – “This picture looks like a very young George Clooney!”

from Bill Miller on FB, Stanley Hall

Bill Miller on Bill Miller – “That’s the svelte version of Lucky Bill on the right. I figure this was taken about a thousand Big Mac meals ago. It appears a moustache was also beginning to emerge as the result of all those sesame seed buns.”
WFLI bumper stickers Have a Happy Day
Bill Miller – “I was a fan of Jet Fli growing up. Working there was a big deal for me. As a naive 18 year old country boy, it was also a real life learning experience!”
Bill Miller and Mike Green at the Veterans of Chattanooga Radio Wars luncheon in December, 2012
Bill Miller (l) and Mike Green (r)  at the Veterans of Chattanooga Radio Wars luncheon, December 2012

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