Bud Bell


Bud Bell is on the left, David Carroll on the right

Dale Anthony/Zollie Cantrell Sr –  “Bud Bell, the Polk County bell ringer….made me a spam sandwich every morning for years…”

David Carroll –  “I loved that Bud Bell. What a character.”

Bill Poindexter –  “Bud loved hot falstaff beer. Used it on a regular basis.”

Ron Brandon –  “Is that a Conelrad receiver in the background?”

Bud Bell and Billy Warren

Bill Miller –  “Dex, he kept that hot Falstaff back there so he could be the gentleman and offer us one….knowing we wouldn’t drink that junk. He knew we wouldn’t steal his hot Falstaff. He kept cold Budweisers away from the station.”

Bill Miller –  “Bud Bell was The Man !!!”

Betty A Proctor –  “Looks like an Elvis sneer…”


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