Ed Gale

ed gale promo for dj's

“Big Ed” Gale as the ad says had 66% of the nighttime listeners. His big brother was Bill Aslinger, aka Bill Warren, Lil’ Billie Warren who was a hit later on Country WDOD. Ed was a Combo Man who worked 8 hours a day as an Engineer, taking care of the big transmitter, which included 3 hours a day as a DJ.

Nick Smith -“Big Ed you handsome rascal!”

Ed – “At one time Ed Gale worked 6:00pm to 9:00pm but later TJ was on from 6-9 and Ed 9:00 to Midnight. He had a quarter-hour listenership in the Arbitron Ratings book of 66, meaning 2/3 of Chattanooga area listeners were tuned to the Big Jet Fli. All the other stations in town shared the remaining 1/3. His Average was 50% of listeners for all three hours he was on. Ed’s big brother was Bill Warren, sometimes called Billy Warren, or L’il Billy Warren, although he was six feet tall.”

We’d love to have more information!  Please send us pics or comments below.


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