James Kuhns

jim kuhn posted to TRHOF

Smokin' Sam, James Kuhns and Bryan Page from Jim Kuhns fb Smokin’ Sam, Jim Kuhns, and Bryan Page, posted by Jim Kuhns

jim kuhns  WFLI Chattanooga, TN (circa '76-'78)Jim Kuhns, WFLI, mid 70’s

Jim Kuhns mid 70s Jim Kuhns, WFLI, mid 70’s

WFLI music survey

Jim Kuhns – “The 1st week I was supposed to be on the cover of the music survey, Elvis died. The 2nd week I was supposed to be on the cover of the survey, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crashed. [Jim]Pirkle decided it was in the best interests of rock & roll to not try for a 3rd time.”

WFLI Hot Dam Jam posted by Jim Kuhns

Jim Kuhns on the WFLI Hot Dam Jam –  “I was on the air when it was happening and Mike was supposed to relieve me. Traffic was so bad though that Mike didn’t get back until the last hour of his shift. The traffic jam on 153 was so epic we actually got a brief mention on the late night national news. It was fun to be a part of it.”

Jim kuhns fb current Facebook profile of Jim Kuhns 2013

Dale Anthony, Merv Pilgrim and Dale Anthony Dale Anthony, Merv Pilgrim, and Jim Kuhns, 2013


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