Jim Pirkle

Jim Pirkle by Steve Hill Photo by Steve Hill

Jim Pirkle, D.J. at WTTI Radio in Dalton and WFLI Radio in Chattanooga in the mid 70s. (R.I.P.)
Jim Kuhns – “Jim was PD and mornings when I worked at WFLI. He was awesome.”
David Carroll – “Jim died in 1997, and he was just 49. One heck of a fun guy.”
Kent Teffetelle –  “A sad loss, Jim gave us great radio. Loved listening to all 3 in my youth. I salute Jim Pirkle with honor and my thanks!”
Jim Kuhns – “For Pirk to be this dressed up he had to be either…a) getting married
b) getting divorced
c) going to court to try and beat somethingor
d) all of the above
Even dressed up I’ll bet he’s still not carrying a wallet.”

Jim Pirkle from David CarrollShared by David Carroll, from Bettye Burchard’s photo album

The late Jim Pirkle, WFLI control room

Franklin Frazier – “I miss Jim.”

Jack Pennington – “Worked with Jim at another station. Great guy.”

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