“Fast” Jimmy Byrd

Jimmy Byrd and Bill Miller Photo from Bill Miller

Sarah Price – “I met Jimmy Byrd when I started Rossville Middle School, he was dating my best friend and they introduced me to his brother. We all double dated for a long time. I remember when he got the key to WFLI, we were sophomores and he was so excited, he turned his class picture, that we swapped, over and traced the key on it! He was a fun loving good guy! I was so saddened to hear he had passed away!”

Jimmy Byrd and Bill MilllerPhoto from Bill Miller

Did you have any stories that you’d like to share about the late Jimmy Byrd?  If so, replying with comments below would be much appreciated.

Captain Midnight (Don Boatner), and left, Jimmy Bryd, April 22 1976 posted by Carolun Hickey Roberson Jimmy Byrd (l) and Captain Midnight (Don Boatner) (r) shared by Carolyn Hickey Roberson

Yvonne Trammel – “We moved to Rossville when I was 6 yrs old and we lived next door to Jimmy in Rossville from 1965-1976. He dated my aunt for a short time. He was always a very sweet person. I do have pictures of him then.”


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