Johnny Eagle


Johnny Eagle

Ben Cagle – “WFLI was an overnight ratings success positioning itself as a Chattanooga radio contender.  A few weeks later, Johnny Eagle came on board, and a short time later he was named station manager.  For Johnny Eagle and his flock of eager young DJ’s, the rock ‘n’ roll banner was firmly anchored in WFLI’s rich radio history.  WFLI soared high in Chattanooga’s radio ratings, sailing into a lofty permanent place in the minds of all who witnessed this fast moving phenomena.”

Johnny behind the mic WFLI

Johnny Eagle, early 60’s

Nick Smith – “Johnny thanks for giving me an opportunity to play the music I loved, work with two of my friends from Smithville, TN, practice my engineering with Joe Poteet and that led to Stanley Hall and myself playing in many rock bands.”

Johnny posted by Paulette Hall Theobald to WFLI

Ed – “I posted elsewhere about what a great guy Chief Engineer Joe Poteet was. And now, I have the opportunity to talk about another really good guy, my friend Johnny Eagle. Johnny was named Station Manager shortly after he was hired at Jet-Fli. Billy Benns could really pick them; Joe and Johnny. I’m sorry to say that I was one of the guys who did not always treat Johnny with the respect he deserved then. Oh, we weren’t insubordinate or talk back to him or say bad things behind his back, but we might have a late-night party on the roof (one time) or stack beer cans in a pyramid on top of the arched roof over the front door. (at least once.) Other than that I have always thought a lot of Johnny – not to mention his beautiful wife Jet-Fli Jackie. What a sweetheart she was and is. I don’t see Johnny very often, maybe once a year at the Veterans of Radio Wars lunch, but we send each other stuff on Facebook, and exchange emails occasionally. Johnny did a great job for the station while I was there and long after. Love you, Johnny and Jackie.”


Johnny Eagle –  “Lot of good memories of that old building. What a great time to be young and to have lived in the 60’s!”

Johnny and Cyril Brennan

Wiley’s Moblie Homes audio


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