Max O’Brian Templeton

Max O'Brian Templeton, WFLI 1977  posted by David Carroll

Max O’Brian, WFLI 1977, shared by David Carroll

Perry Perkins –  “Pictures make Max look thinner!!”

Max O'Brian posted by him on FB 2

Max O’Brian Templeton – “Every afternoon at 5:25 we used to get Howard Cosell with a live 30 second spot.  So I was about halfway through the spot and it was a hot at the radio station, so I had the door propped open. It seemed like it was Jim Pirkle and some others in the hallway talking loudly.  I just stopped in the middle and said we’re trying to do a radio show in here.  I can’t quite repeat what the response was, but I learned to keep the control room door shut after that.”

Max O'Brian Templeton Facebook 2014


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