Merv Pilgrim

Merv Pilgrim at WFLI Program Director 1976

WFLI  – Program Director from April 1976 to early 1978

Merv Pilgrim “National headshot day, this promo shot is from 1976 when I was Program Director & Morning DJ at WFLI Chattanooga Tn. Pretty sure I had recently met Hall & Oates thus the huge Fro which later evolved into an even larger Mullet 😉 —”

Ronald Alan Reeves – “This man has an incredible mind and memory. Once in 1976, I skipped a record in the clock rotation. Skipped right over that 45 because I thought the segue would sound better after the current record I was playing. Merv Pilgrim, then program director of BIG_104, later Q-105, and now The Fish, 104.7, told me: “Ron this ain’t your 50,000 watt personal jukebox. Follow the rotation.” Best wishes Merv. Great picture.”

Merv Pilgrim “I was PD there April 1976 til early 78. I followed Bill Poindexter then went with Dale to start WZDQ fm the Left there to work in the record Biz in 79.  When I was at WFLI as PD,  we had a wonderful crew and station record breaking ratings from 12.2 up to 17.0.”

Merv Pilgrim

Merv Pilgrim on WFLI “We played what felt good. It was a different time then and we made the station the most exciting fun thing in town. Made the competition seem out of touch and not happening. Once an hour we played a 50’s and 60’s oldie remembering the great jet fli and this helped us with the older demos.”



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