Mike King

mike king promo for dj's


Philip Stephen Randolph –  “Good ol’ Mike King…loved working with him.”


Mike King photo

Mike King on Screamers audio

Phil Patton – “I worked with Mike King for several years when he managed WLMR. He was such a great guy. Even when we we were dealing with big problems, such as Mr. Wilkins coming into town, or hoodlums stealing the electric meter off the transmitter building for the second time, his quick, and somewhat twisted wit and humour always made the situation bearable. Thanks, Mike.  It was good to see you again recently!”


Mike King and Bob Broome

Ed – “Mike King. What a Great radio name. I remember when Mike left the station to enlist in the Army. We gave him a Great going away party with a ton of presents. A couple of weeks later he was back at work. Changed his mind. I told him he was going to have to return all the presents, or I would take cash!
Another one of the Good Guys of Radio”


One response to “Mike King

  1. kathy

    Mikw King….still love ya..kathy bradley 8136459289

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