Nick Smith

nick smith promo for dj's

Niccolo Niccolo, the Jet Fli Mountaineer

Nick Smith – “Johnny (Eagle), thanks for giving me an opportunity to play the music I loved, work with two of my friends from Smithville, TN, practice my engineering with Joe Poteet and that led to Stanley Hall and myself playing in many rock bands.”

Ed – “Nick Smith was also known as “Nicolo, Nicolo, the I-talian Superman”
Another time he called himself “Nick Smith and Company ” When we all applied to the Tennessee Public Service Assn. (I think) for Press Passes normally used of course by the working press, Newspaper, Radio, TV Newsmen. We just wanted to flash them so we could get into certain events without paying. They wrote the station a letter saying they were refusing “Nick Smith & Co.” because the Press Passes were for, well, the Press. And anyway why didn’t the “Nick Smith & Co.” if it was a legitimate News organization, apply for its own pass? Good times, Nick. Miss you buddy.

Tim Smith – “Love that voice!”

–Nick later got a Private Pilot License, then a Commercial License, then a Twin Engine Rating, maybe more and flew as PIC – Pilot In Charge on Executive Airplanes.

Nick Smith audio

WFLI Emergency Broadcast System Test (still in use today)


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