Pat Batto

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2 responses to “Pat Batto

  1. Bill Miller

    I hired Pat Batto to do morning news in 1971 or 72. As I recall, he was a student at Southern Missionary College, but had a family and was a little older than most college students. He had worked for several stations in south Florida before coming to WFLI.

  2. Pat Batto

    Hi Bill
    I’m alive & living in Florida (where else do old people live)?
    I have fond memories of my Chattanooga radio experience.
    I was fortunate to work with the likes of you, E Alvin Davis, Cleveland Wheeler & let me not forget the famous Luther Masingill.
    Quick story: After leaving WFLI I went to WGOW to do news. One of the jocks there – Dave Randall – asked if I used my real name on air which I did. I asked the same of him & he told me his real name was Cleveland Wheeler.
    WOW!!! Was my response. Next time I heard him was at WAPE Jacksonville, FL where he was Cleveland Wheeler.

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