Ray Anderson aka The Cleveland Indian

In memory of Ray Anderson



Ed – “Ray Anderson, called the “Cleveland Indian” not because he played ball for the team but because he was part American Indian and lived in Cleveland (TN). Another great guy, Ray, who was a WFLI Salesman, was only on the air for one hour each Saturday for a show featuring his advertisers in Cleveland and of course that Good Old Rock and Roll.”

Ed – “One Friday the station got a call from another station saying that the FCC (the Federal Communications Commission) was in town and had just left their station. This was pretty common for station Engineers to warn their counterparts at other stations when Tom Cline, the Engineer In Charge of the Atlanta Branch, or one of his Engineers had driven up to make inspections. Let me tell you, I worked in radio and TV for 46 years, and I never got over that fear in the pit of my stomach when my phone rang and the Receptionist said, “Someone from the FCC is in the Lobby to see you.” Even when you knew you ran a tight ship, and everything was in order, the dreaded FCC Inspection could ruin your day. Anyway, I found General Manager Billy Benns and Station Manager Johnny Eagle and told them what I had heard. By then it was late afternoon and Billy said “Don’t worry about it. Tom Cline is a family man and will go back to Atlanta.” Well, OK then.

The next day Ray was on air, I think at 10:00am when someone said there was a large black sedan in the driveway with the driver just sitting there. Well, the driver came in, soon enough, announced himself and headed for the Transmitter room where he knew he would find the station’s FCC License and the Licenses of all the Engineers. At the time I think that would have been Joe Poteet, Chief Engineer, Nick Smith, Engineer, Ed Aslinger, Engineer, and Bill Aslinger, Engineer, Bud Bell, Engineer. Hope I haven’t left anyone out.

(This story is too long) Long story short (too late) Mr. FCC Inspector Cline asked to see the Program Log, this showed among other things, all the commercials the station ran. They were printed on the log and the Engineer or DJ put the time they aired. “Where is XXXXX, and XXXX, so on”, naming several sponsors he had logged while sitting in his car. They were NOT on the log. Well, the Cleveland Indian explained to Mr. FCC that he had aired them as “Bonus” spots, not Paid Commercials. I never will forget Tom Cline’s comment “I don’t care if you give All of Them Away Free. But you have to log them.” The station got a Warning, not a big deal unless you get too many which the station never did. I don’t remember anybody coming down too hard on Ray. Working one hour a week, he just didn’t know better. I feel sure Johhny went to bat for him with Billy. RIP, Ray.”

stanley hall, ray anderson, and robert benns from johnny

Johnny Eagle – “Stanley Hall, Ray Anderson and Robert Benns, now they are real pioneers…..Unfortunately, they have all three passed on. I can only hope they are at the Big Jet FlI in the sky.”


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