Rich Phillips

Rich phillips by jim kuhns on fb

Jim Kuhns – “In the picture above, “Rich Phillips doing one of many high school dances done by the Fli Guys.”

Rich Phillips –  “It was quite a ride! I loved it”

David Carroll – “Rich was all personality and just a lot of fun.  Rich loved the ladies, and the ladies loved him.  Mr. Benns, the owner, happened to be at a promotion and we were all there having fun.  I guess Mr. Benns happened to think Rich was too flirty with the girls there.  For whatever reason, that offended Mr. Benns.  He told Rich, “You’re fired, take your stuff home. Don’t come back, you’re done.”  We were all stunned by that.  Rich called in the next day and asked the guys what he should do.  The program director at the time, Merv Pilgrim, told Rich just to come in and it would be okay. The next day, Rich came back to work as if nothing happened.  And so we learned that if we just came back the next day, everything was forgotten.   And that was pretty good job security.”

WFLI jocks 1976.png

Rich Phillips –  “Some of the best radio day’s of my 42 yrs.I show this picture to the young guy’s keeping an eye on the computer radio.They can’t believe the size of staff we had.”

Merv Pilgrim – “BTW Rich Phillips last time I spoke with him is at the AC station in Dalton, after a long career as spokesman for the hair club for men”



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