Ringo Van the Music Man

Ringo Van the Music Man

WFLI 1964-1969

Ringo Van – “Well, I remember the day I had come to the University of Chattanooga, 1964, late August, working my way through school, and I needed a job.  My uncle had called Luke Wilson, manager of WDXB, and told him that his nephew is looking  a job.  I went down there and did an interview with Jerry Linger.  They already had a weekend guy, and so he called over to WFLI.  WFLI had a weekend spot available, Charlie Darr had just left.  I hitchhiked around the mountain and got down to Brownsferry road, did an audition, and the rest is history.  I was there for five years.”

Ed – “I remember when Rick came to work at the station as weekend Dee Jay. He was good, learned fast and was a great guy. Once Billy called him on the direct phone line and called him “Rip McVan” From then on I always called him that.”



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