Ron Daily (Ron Arnold)

Ron Arnold

“A native of Shelbyville, Tenn., Arnold began working at a local radio station while still in high school. After graduating, he attended the Mid-South School of Broadcasting in Nashville, Tenn. From there he worked at radio stations in Kentucky and in Shelbyville before getting a call from former broadcasting school classmates Tommy Jett and Dale Anthony in 1963. They’d been hired by a new radio station in Chattanooga, WFLI, and wanted him to join them.” Daily Citizen

Ron Daily was among the first to do news at WFLI and was pivotal in helping to find the escaped Leader the Lion.

Ed Gale – “Ron Daily was among the first to do news at WFLI and was pivotal in helping to find the escaped Leader the Lion.” No, the part about the News is correct, but Ron, which I believed spelled his name Daily, not Daly, was the person who LOST Leader the Lion. Brother Billy Warren found her in an alley downtown late that night.”

Ben Cagle

Tommy Jett, Ben Cagle, Ron Arnold, and Mickey Mouse

Tony Vanderwaal “He hired me for my first radio gig at WTTI Dalton around ’86. Where I first met Tommy Jett. Did a 3 hour tribute to Elvis one day with Tommy. He loves Elvis.”

Ed Aslinger – “The Ron Daily I worked with. He and Stanley Hall Jr. were cutting a hard-sell spot for the Brainerd Cinerama Theatre. They would get almost to the end, and one of them would blow it. After several takes, they were nearing the end; bouncing the dialogue back and forth, this was going to be it! Right down to the end, and Ron’s closing line was “….. at the Brainerd Cinerama Trouse! Trouse? He never knew where that came from, but he and Bill, and I got a big laugh out of it. Ron was a good guy, I miss him.”

Kim Vaughn Nance – “That is some true talent, I will miss Ron, he was so good to me! I remember The jet Fly on the beet,beet ,beet on WFLI, Hats off for you all, especially my dear Friend Ron ..RIP Ron”

“Ron Arnold leaves us with a smile” by David Carroll

Ron Arnold | 2015 | Obituary


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