Tommy Jett


Tommy Jet.Still001 from interview  Interview 2014 with Betty Benns

Tommy Jett – “The Night Train was a radio show started in 1962, 63.  This was a chance to talk to the kids on the air, and this was very dangerous since there was no delay system.  We took a chance on them saying something risque.  So I would put them on the air, and they would say, “I’d like to put Bettye Sue, George, and Ronnie on the Night Train.”  And I’d say, “Okay buddy, you got it.”  And I had a whistle for the train thing, and I turned that up.  Then I developed the DCLC, the Darkest Corner of the Lover’s Car, and a guy would call up and say, “I want to be in the DCLC.”  And it would be on the air.  I’d go to Rossville, Trenton, Dalton, cause we were heard all over town,  a 75-100 mile area, so I could pick up kids everywhere and put them on the Night Train.  We got by with it, and there were no vulgarities.  Occasionally I would do the spots live, and Budweiser was one  of the sponsors, and I would open a beer on the air.  The phones would flood, you would not believe the number of callers we would get it, especially at that time of night.  It would ring off the hook even from midnight to one.  We had so many listeners, even if there were not any promotions going on, and the station overall was way big time #1 in the market.”


Tommy Jett.

Radio Personality, WFLI

Deborah Poteet-Johnson  – “T.J. The D.J.!!!”

Tommy JetPhoto by Jennie Hill-Besal,  1967

Jennie Besal – “As Steve’s sister AND the photographer (a Polaroid Swinger! The camera….not me! I was only 16) I can verify it was 1967! David Carroll and Steve Cooper win two tickets each to the 1967 JET FLI, WFLI Summer Spectacular. Tommy Jett and Dale Anthony used to DJ our Dalton HIgh Majorettes dances after all the home football games at “Teen Town” in Dalton.”


Johnny Eagle – “I was driving downtown, and I’m listening to Tommy do the news.  And Tommy says over the air, “This Presbyterian got hit by a car downtown.”  I pulled over and called Tommy and asked him how he knew the religion of this man?  Did it tell the religion in the news story?”

Tommy Jett – “Dale was on the air, and WFLI got a bomb threat.  He got a caller that said if he played Sugar Shack, he was going to blow up the station. Well, Dale played the record and the caller called in again, and said, “I warned you once, and now I’m gonna blow up the station.”  Well, I was sleeping in the back room, the police were called and evacuated the building, but no one knew I was in the back room sleeping.  I was the only one in there.  Well, I stuck my head out the door eventually, and they said there was a bomb threat. I laughed because everyone was always kidding me.   But sure enough, there were police and photographers everywhere.  Now, I was the only one in the building for a while.  If there had really been a bomb, I would be – poof!”


Tommy Jett and his wife Charlene

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