Bertha lit up (2)

Thanks to Jeff Gregory for lighting up the Western Electric transmitter again!  WFLI doesn’t use the General Electric transmitter today, but Jeff did a great job of lighting it as it might appear back in the day.

Donald Bryson – “I miss the warmth of Bertha on a cold winter Sunday afternoon. I am, however, so thankful for not turning the blowers on and off. I may be the only WFLI DJ to be stupid enough to lock myself out of the building dealing with the blowers — TWICE. Joe was not happy about getting up in the middle of the night to let me back in the building.”

Bertha close up transmitter     Steve Hill – “Great pic Betty! I love these old transmitters…”

Greg (Reed) Barman – “I’ll never forget what an imposing beast that xmtr was. Every time I did the change from night power/pattern to day, I feared that if I punched the buttons too fast, it would explode and I would blow Tiftonia (and me) off the map.


Philip Stephen Randolph – “I always loved the warm thumping sound of that beast.”

Jeff with Gates Board  Gates manual

Above, Jeff is almost finished repairing the original Gates Board that was in the control room in the early 60’s.  It will be ready for demonstration during the WFLI reunion in February.

RCA mic

RCA Ribbon microphone

Shirley Hobbs-Myers “It hung in that small room behind the DJs room. When Nick (Smith) was on he would have me go in there to say WFLI on the air.”

Bill Miller “Shirley, that was the news booth. When a newsman was on duty, he would deliver the news from that small room. I don’t remember which microphone was in that room during my time at WFLI. This was a very popular mic for radio, TV and recording studios at one time.”

Deborah Poteet-Johnson “I remember seeing a similar mic in the production room. I used to pretend that I was singing on my own radio show when Dad allowed us kids in there!”

Kent Teffetelle “A RCA Ribbon Microphone. A 77 DX. I own one which I maintained on air at one time.”


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