DJs and Engineers

We’ve started a list of the deejays and engineers that used to work at WFLI during the Rock ‘n’ Roll era and beyond.  As time permits, we will be adding and updating the pages with pictures and comments.   If you’d like to add a comment to someone’s page, please submit at the bottom of that page.

DJs from Judy Graham FB WFLI  staff, 1971

Alvin Greene

Barry J

Barry Stevens (Tim Landress)

Ben Cagle

Bill Claiborne

Bill Miller

Billy Poindexter (also known as Dex at US101)

Bill Warren (Bill Aslinger or Lil’ Billy Warren)

Bob Broome

Bob Glenn

Boo Baron

Bryan Page

WFLI deejays and sales staff 1978 posted by David Carroll

Top row – Micheal Benns, Rome Benedict, Bettye Buchard, Johnny Eagle, Bottom Row – Lee Starnes, Deb Allen, Jim Pirkle, Frank Dobbs, Stanley Hall

Bud Bell

Dale Anthony

Danny Brown

David Carroll

Deb Allen (Space)

Don Boatner (Captain Flash)

E. Alvin Davis

Ed Gale

Foster Arnet

Gene Lovin

Greg Reed

James Kuhns

Jeff Gregory

Jimmy Byrd “Fast Jimmy”

Jim Copeland

Jim Pirkle

Joe Poteet

Johnny Eagle

Johnny Midnight (Stevens)

Lee Starnes

Lisa Steele Ridge

Machine Gun Greene

Marilyn Hickey (Magic Marilyn)

Max O’Brian

Merv Pilgrim

Michael Benns

Micheal Henry Martin

Mike King

Mike Murray

Nick Smith (Nic-a-lo, Nic-a-lo, The Lookout Mountaineer)

Pat Batto

Quincy Lane

Ray Anderson

Rich Phillips

Rick Shaw (Rick Sharpe)

Ringo Van

Rick Lane

Ron Daly

Ron Richardson

Ross Allen (Del Allen)

Ross Brooks

Stan Taylor

Stanley Hall (Rodney Ripoff)

Smokin’ Sam

Tim Mitchell aka Dirty White Boy

Tommy Jet

Tyrone ‘Get Down’ Ferguson

Wes Catlett


Rich Phillips, Vickie McGee, Merv Pilgrim, Jimmy Byrd, Ron Richardson and David Carroll. (summer or fall of ’76)

wfli 1972 line up

WFLI 1972 Lineup submitted by Bill Miller

Rich Phillips, Tommy Jett, Allen Dennis Bob Broom, John Reed, Max O'Brian, Chuck Stevens, Randy Black Shared by Randy Black, Some of the DJs in above picture worked at WFLI

Standing Rich Phillips, Tommy Jett, Allen Dennis, Ron Broom, Chris Thomas, David Hughes and Tim Cunningham. Bottom Row John Reed, Max O’Brien, Chuck Stevens, Randy Black


4 responses to “DJs and Engineers

  1. Keevin Prince aka Bama

    Didn’t see Rodney Ripoff’s name

  2. Got started in radio while in High School at WFLI! I was only a parttimer, but the days at WFLI working for Jim Pirkle and Max OBrien, and learning how to be a jock with Machine Gun Green was absolutely fun and amazing. Started my long time radio career so I am glad to have had a part, however small, in the history. Ended up in Denver, worked on the air many years, now in engineering for K-LOVE radio. Thanks David Carroll and Machine Gun for keeping in touch all these years! SO GLAD to hear that the BIG JET FLI is back on air playing the hits!

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